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Partnering with our neighborhood community, parents, And partners to grow the next generation.

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Growing Together

At Alcott College Prep we aspire to create a rich community of lifelong learners armed with the tools and experience required for our students to achieve their personal goals while positively contributing to society. We accomplish this together.

Alcott Partners


Mikva Challenge

Mikva Challenge is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 organization that prioritizes the development of civic leadership in underserved Chicago high school youth.  Mikva Challenge was founded in 1997 as a tribute to former White House Counsel, Judge and U.S. Congressman Abner Mikva and his wife Zoe, a lifelong education activist. We help low-income Chicago youth become meaningful actors in politics and, by doing so, we honor the Mikvas’ decades of inspiring young adults to embark on careers in public service and politics.


Oakton Community College Theater

Community College Theater Department. Provide opportunities for students to experience theater performances.

Group 76

Northeastern University

Diverse partnerships with various aspects of their collegiate programs.

Group 79

Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens Theater is a leader in developing and producing new theatre work and cultivating an inclusive theater community. Victory Gardens’ core strengths are nurturing and producing dynamic and inspiring new plays, reflecting the diversity of our city’s and nation’s culture through engaging diverse communities, and in partnership with Chicago Public Schools, bringing art and culture to our city’s active student population.

Group 81

98.7 WFMT

Received grant from radio station to help provide a small music library of CD’s for the music department.

Group 84

Trio Animal Foundation

Trio Animal Foundation (“TAF”) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that improves the lives of homeless pets by facilitating and paying for quality medical care and promoting adoption and responsible pet ownership, including spay and neutering. TAF assists shelters, rescue organizations and individuals.

Group 87

News Literacy Project

The News Literacy Project (NLP) is an innovative national educational program that mobilizes seasoned journalists to work with educators to teach middle school and high school students how to sort fact from fiction in the digital age. The project gives students the critical-thinking skills to become smarter and more frequent consumers of credible information across all media and platforms. They are taught to seek news and information that will make them well-informed and engaged students, consumers and citizens.

Group 82

Chicago Conservation Core

The Chicago Conservation Corps (C3) recruits, trains, and supports a network of teachers who work together with their students to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and schools through environmental service projects. They provide PD meetings for teachers throughout the year.


Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE)

CAPE works toward a future in which young people are empowered, through education and the arts, to fully realize their academic, creative and personal potential. CAPE increases students’ academic success, critical thinking and creativity through research-based, arts driven education.

Group 80

Little Kids Rock

Little Kids Rock trains public school teachers and donates all of the instruments, curricular resources and support they need to ensure that their kids receive the right to rock! What makes Little Kids Rock different is that they do more than just donate instruments like guitars, drums and keyboards; they build lasting music programs that focus on teaching kids to perform, improvise and compose the popular music genres that they already know and love, like rock, pop, blues, hip-hop, country, reggae and R&B.

Group 78

Global Citizenship Initiative (GCI)

The Global Citizenship Initiative is designed to address a profound civic achievement gap, caused by a lack of high-quality, school-based civic learning opportunities in urban areas. It brings together people and organizations to promote the practice of global citizenship and build a values-based, sustainable world community.

Group 86

TimeLine Theater

TimeLine Theatre Company presents stories inspired by history that connect with today's social and political issues. Our collaborative artistic team produces provocative theatre and educational programs that engage, entertain and enlighten.

Group 75

Depaul University

Diverse partnerships with their college of education and teacher preparation programs


Partners in Fieldwork (Lincoln Park Zoo)

Launched in the fall of 2013, this year-long program engages high school youth in research activities that support the work of the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute. Students work with their teachers to collect data on local wildlife at their school site using non-invasive techniques such as camera traps (pictured above with participating high school teachers), bird surveys and bat monitors.

Group 77

Northwestern University

Partnership with the College of Education and Social Policy Department. The Computation Research Project introduces students to important 21st century skills by developing classroom activities that blend computational thinking ideas with STEM content. In taking this approach, we are able to reach a broad audience of students and provide teachers with classroom-ready materials including lesson plans and assessment items. These 21st century skills are important components of the Next Generation Science Standards and meeting the growing demand for STEM-field careers.

Group 85

Roo Crew

Chicago Roo Crew is a female led group of advocates for one of the world’s most poorly treated animals: the rooster. We are supporters to licensed shelters, we rescue and foster dumped birds, and we help place them in forever no-kill homes. [email protected]


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